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Eco Panel - Jute Aerial Panels - 10pk

Eco Panel - Jute Aerial Panels - 10pk

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Aerial panels are made from organic natural jute material.   The are printed using safe soy based inks.  

jute is the similar material used for soil stabilization and will breakdown naturally in a few months.  These panels are the perfect angel to set and forget.  Perfect for remote locations where it is not practical or economic to go back and retrieve the plastic panel. 

white stripe is approximately 4 inches wide and has approximately 2 foot legs, 50 inches total corner to corner.  Perfect for aerial mapping up to 1”=50’.  

fabric size is 3ft by 3 - Legs of the panel are approximately 50 inches tip to tip

fabric, natural, organic

Jute is a natural fabric that is harvested from the bark of the Jute Plant (corchorus capsularis)  it is grown as an annual crop.  Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and thus very environmentally friendly.   

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